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Nicolas Guillen 4th is a native Cuban who has resided in Miami, Florida since 1994. In 2009, he opened a studio in Wynwood, Miami's dynamic and bustling preeminent neighborhood for art and fashion.  Nicolas' career as a visual artist and photographer began while attending the prestigious Cuban Institute of Art & Cinematography ("ICAIC") in Havana, Cuba.  With a unique eye and a background inspired both in Cuba and Miami, Nicolas' work offers a distinct, memorable and contemporary perspective that reflects his lineage as a 4th generation artist. 

Nicolas is a dynamic visual artist first and a photographer second.  He views photography as the ideal medium to translate his intense visual realm and inner perspective to contemporary art.  His work cannot be ascribed to a single “style” per se but there is a continuance in his pieces in his mastery of lighting and the oft ethereal beauty of his subjects as he tends to celebrate the female form.  The pieces showcase familiar scenes, whether they be from the streets of Miami or from a dreamscape.  Nicolas has leveraged his background as a native Habanero and current Miamian not only as a source of inspiration for his work through his experiences, but also on a tangible level by leveraging the unique backdrops both cities offer directly into his work.  



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